Genetics are Everything

natural fitnessPeople go through great lengths to get the body that they want. We are highly influenced by TV and magazines, and strive to imitate the look of many celebrities, fitness models, and bodybuilders. However what the ads do not tell us is that there is a possibility that you may never get the world class body that you see on the magazine covers. It’s something that many us do not acknowledge, but it is the truth.

Certain people land on the cover of magazines because they have a look that sells. While the definition of beauty is highly subjective, we cannot deny the fact that many of us get drawn to these advertisements. What many people do not understand is that we are all limited to what we are born with. The fact of the matter is some people have the genetic make up to have the body of a Greek sculpture while others not so much. Some people have above average genetics, and some people are just average. In the world of fitness, genetics are everything!

Raw Talent vs Hard Work

We cannot change who we are. We all come in different sizes, shapes, strengths and talents. It may not seem fair, but that’s reality. Some people are just better than others. Unfortunately, we are not born with equal traits and abilities. We are not equal!

It’s not say that a weaker, less athletic person cannot get to another level because it is certainly possible. To an extent, hard work will definitely help you overcome obstacles if you are dedicated enough. Hard work is important, and will always be. But even so we can only do so much with the hand that we are dealt with. We can only be the best version of ourselves, and nothing more.

Combine good genetics with hard work, and you basically have a powerhouse. Not everyone can look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime, be as strong as Brian Shaw, or run as fast as Usain Bolt. These were God given gifts that were predetermined in their genetics. Some people just have raw talent, and no amount of hard work can surpass that unless you have the genetics for it.

It may come as sort of a blow to many of us, but the sooner we understand this, the sooner we can start feeling better about ourselves, and get on with our lives. The point is be happy with who you are, and what you have accomplished. Many of us may never get to that world class level, and so what? There is nothing in this world that can stop you from being the best that you can be.